Mark Moser, President and Agricultural Engineer

Mr. Moser is the founder and President of the
Company.  He was trained as an agricultural
engineer with special emphasis on livestock
manure management.  Over the past 26 years Mr.
Moser has focused on methane production and
recovery and nutrient management. He is
responsible for development, design and completion
of projects including: 55+ anaerobic digesters for
methane and on-farm electricity and heat
production; 30+ farm waste storage and nutrient
management plans; consulting services to public
and private clients for waste management and/or
methane digesters in Armenia, Belize, Chile,
Colombia, Costa Rica, Ecuador, Ireland, Japan,
Korea, Mexico, the Philippines,  Romania, the United
States and Taiwan.  He has performed consulting
tasks for the USEPA, the AgSTAR program, and
USDOE on pollution potential from farm waste, farm
waste management and potential recovery of
energy and fertilizer from farm waste.  Other work
has included environmental regulatory compliance
consulting for farms and industries and expert
witness services.
Our Team
Eric Fast, Environmental Scientist & Project Manager

Mr. Fast assists digester owners in the scheduling
of delivery materials and construction, manages
project schedules, performs take-offs for
construction materials and equipment, provides
equipment specifications, procurement of digester
models.  He is a graduate of Sonoma State
University, where he majored in Environmental
Angela McEliece, Environmental Consultant

Ms. McEliece is one of the Environmental
Consultants for the Company.  She was trained as a
chemist with special emphasis on environmental
analysis. Ms. McEliece does technical writing and
feasibility studies for RCM and is responsible for the
RCM Grants Program.  She has assisted RCM clients
in obtaining grant fundings since she began working
for RCM in 2005.
Djesley Paschoal, Project Design Engineer

Mr. Paschoal manages RCM’s Design Department,  
participating on the design and coordination of every
project to ensure compliance and excellence of
work according to all State and Federal regulations.
Mr. Paschoal participates on performing take-offs
for construction materials and equipment, data
collection and troubleshooting of digester systems
within the US and abroad. He also assists on lab
procedures executed  by RCM International to
assess digesters' health and condition. Designing
and keeping this website a trustworthy source of
information is yet another task Mr. Paschoal
rejoices executing.  He received a degree in
Irrigation and Drainage Technology from the Instituto
Federal Goiano, Brazil (former CEFET).
In memory of Keith Bower 1957-2007, a long time
key member of RCM
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