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Manure and Food Waste
A Low-Cost Digester to Control Odors at a
120,000 Head Hog Farm
by Mark A. Moser

Digesters 101
by Mark A. Moser

Digesters 101 (Chinese)
by Mark A. Moser

Anaerobic Digestion And Wetland Treatment
Case Study:  Comparing Two Manure Odor
Control Systems for Dairy Farms
by Peter E. Wright (Senior Extension Associate,
Department of Agricultural and Biological
Engineering, Cornell Cooperative Extension) &
Stephen P. Perschke (Area Engineer UDSA
Natural Resources Conservation Service)

Plug Flow Dairy Digester Condition After 16
Years of Operation
by Mark A. Moser and Leo Langerwerf

Anaerobic Digesters Control Odors, Reduce
Pathogens, Improve Nutrient Manageability,
Can be Cost Competitive with Lagoons, and
Provide Energy Too!
by Mark A. Moser
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