Covered Lagoon
Complete Mix
Determining the proper digester for a pig farm depends on climate, total solids content
(weight of manure without water) of the manure, and the method of pig production.

Due to the large number of variables, RCM favors reviewing the pig site prior to
recommending a digester type.

Year round warm climate favors a
Covered Lagoon Digester.  Manure solids content greater
3% favors a Complete Mix Digester.

Farrow to finish production often favors a Complete Mix Digester.

Sow production generally favors Covered Lagoon Digester in warm climates. A Complete Mix
may be used under special conditions.

Finisher pig manure can be digested in a Covered Lagoon Digester or Complete Mix Digester.

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The major types of anaerobic digesters appropriate for your pig facility are:
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