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The types of anaerobic digesters appropriate for your manure and food waste are:
RCM has co-digested dozens of different food wastes in full
scale digesters – including thin stillage, fats, oils, grease,
whey, grape juice, milk, paper, paper sludge, ice cream, fish
byproducts, breading, salad dressing, and waste fruit and
vegetables.  RCM has also co-digested grease trap waste
as well as investigated wastes such as source segregated
Municipal Solid Waste (MSW) and proteinaceous
meat packing wastes.
Why combine food waste with manure?
•        Food waste needs a place to go – most is hauled to landfills
•        Food waste makes gas – some types make lots of gas
•        Food waste can pay tipping fees to a digester instead of a landfill
•        Farms have storage and land for nutrient management.

How much gas does food waste make?
•        Gas production varies greatly between wastes.  Production can be 2 to 10 times greater
per unit volume than manure.

Food Waste Rules:
•        Not all food waste is equal.  
•        Waste means waste to whoever loaded the truck.
•        Know your waste source
•        Know your trucker  

Doing it right:
•        A digester should be designed to receive food waste.
•        Operation is critical. Digesters don’t like too much food, heat or cold.
•        Know what you are putting in the digester and what should happen.

Doing it wrong can result in:
•        Upset or dead digester
•        Stinky site
•        Too much gas
•        Not enough gas
•        Overfull storage
•        Over application of nutrients

The Issues:
•        Zoning – What do you call a site where waste is being trucked in?
•        Permitting – Will it smell, attract vermin and cause odor and flies?
•        Storage – Is there enough?
•        Nutrient Management – Can you manage extra nutrients from food waste?

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