Multi-Waste Digester
Manure and Food Waste
RCM's Multi-waste Digester is a heated complete mix tank.  The multi-waste digester is
applicable for any animal manure and food, and the digester is designed for "recipe" feeding.
The design of the digester is also flexible.  The addition of waste into the digester is controlled.
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RCM's References
***Below are fully operational RCM's Complete Mix Digesters***
United States
By State
What Is It?
October 2006
E3 Biofuels, Mead, NE
28,000 beef feeders, ethanol stillage
October 2005
Kluthe Hog Farm, Dodge, NE
8,000 Finishers, 80 kW generator
Farm A, CA
350 cows, 85 kW generator
Patterson Dairy, Auburn, NY
1,350 cows, organic wastes,
200 kW generator, building heat, separator
November 2001
Ridgeline Dairy (formerly Matlink Dairy),
Clymer, NY
900 cows + organic wastes,  140 kW
generator, solids separator
New York
Cliff Sensenig Farm, Kirkwood, PA
230 cows, 2,200 pigs, 30,000 laying hens +
food waste, 200 kW generator, solids
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Farm B, CA
600 cows, 85 kW generator
Rebuild, update and expand
non-RCM digester,
Rocky Knoll Farms, Lancaster, PA
4,000 pigs and organic waste,
120 kW generator
Oak Hill Farm, Nottingham, PA
130 cows and 4,400 pigs, 40kW generator