Carbon Credits
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Manure and Food Waste
Facility: Castelanelli Brothers Dairy
Location: Lodi, CA
Owner: Larry Castelanelli
Why offset your emissions with local carbon offset projects?
Support for green energy projects promotes the switch to renewable energy and helps to
reduce GHG emissions. When you support projects like Castelanelli Brothers Dairy Methane
Digester, you make a statement about where you would like your electricity to come from, you
offset your carbon footprint, AND you create the incentive for other dairies to build digesters.  
Did you know that the average California household
produces 38 metric tons of GHG emissions* per year?
A properly designed and operated digester biologically stabilizes organic wastes, reduces
odor, improves fertilizer value, and reduces pathogens and greenhouse gas emissions.

Greenhouse Gas Reduction: In conventional dairy manure practice, carbon contained in the
manure is converted into methane (a greenhouse gas).  An anaerobic digester system will
trap this methane before it can enter the atmosphere and combust the methane gas in a flare,
boiler or engine.  During combustion, methane is converted into carbon dioxide (CO2). While
still a green house gas, CO2 is 21 times less harmful to global climate stability than methane.

Electricity: A digester system produces electricity to offset farm power needs and produces
electricity to sell to the utility.

Heat: Biogas may be used as a replacement for propane or natural gas.  Heat may be
recovered from the engine-generator heat exchanger which may be used for heat source

Water Quality: An anaerobic digester system helps reduce the potential for non-point source
pollution by providing the farm with treated effluent suitable for crop fertilization.

Recovered Solids:  Solids recovered can be composted and used for land application or used
as bedding for livestock on the farm.

Manure Handling: Dairy farms with anaerobic digesters report improved odor control &
improved manure pumpability.

Renewable Energy:  Biogas is a source of renewable energy when it is combusted to produce

Herd Health: Reduced pathogens in the recycled flush water will help improve the overall
health of the dairy animals.
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Emission reductions from the farm are verified by a third party and listed on the
Chicago Climate Exchange
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*GHG emissions reported in metric tons of carbon dioxide equivalent (CO2e)
Digesters don’t just have greenhouse gas benefits…
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